The Project

Chorley War Memorial Improvement – COMPLETE

Chorley Cenotaph

The War Memorial at the Park Road (A6) entrance to Astley Park was officially unveiled on the 24th May 1924, without any names of the fallen on or around it.

We rectified this by providing a low stone screen wall comprising of 16 panels, inscribed with the names of Chorley service personnel who gave / lost their lives in the First World War, the Second World War and conflicts since.

The improved memorial was unveiled on Remembrance Sunday in November 2012.

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Chorley Remembers Experience at Astley Hall – NOW OPEN

Astley Hall

As part of researching the people who may be eligible for inclusion on the town’s war memorial, we have uncovered many interesting facts and stories about the men, women and families as well as what life was like in Chorley during times of conflict.

Previously, the memorial room in Astley Hall was small, dark and very much themed to WW1. As part of our project, we have improved the lighting as well as the cabinets holding memorial books from the First World War.

Across the way in the Coach House annexe, we have created a new and permanent ‘Remembrance Experience’ for visitors, open Thursday to Sunday between 1200 – 1630 .

The impressive exhibition includes a variety of interactive displays, a WW1 trench and lots of information about Chorley’s involvement in wars and conflicts over the years, as well as life in Chorley for those left behind or affected; it also includes details of the Royal Ordnance Factory down at Euxton (1937 – 2007).

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Memorial Arch Conservation – COMPLETE

The Memorial Arch at the entrance to Astley Park

The memorial arch (1914 – 1918) was placed in its current location in the 1920s, having been originally located at the entrance to the Gillibrand Estate.

Although it appeared to be structurally sound, a survey found evidence of gradual deterioration due to weathering and water ingress.

Repair work began at the start of June 2013 by Chorley Council and was completed just under 8 weeks later.

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Chorley Pals Memorial Enhancement – COMPLETE

the Chorley Pals Memorial

The Chorley Pals Memorial was unveiled in February 2010 and is a fitting memorial to some of Chorley’s most prominent volunteer soldiers.

Our plans were to enhance the area for visitors by providing better access, benches to sit on and interpretation boards that tell the story of the Chorley Pals, the role they played during World War One and the memorial itself.

With the kind assistance from Chorley Council, this work was completed in August 2012.

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Chorley Remembers Website

The website holds the information about what is happening during the project and also lists our local war memorials and what we have found out about the people remembered on them.

Talks, Exhibitions & Displays

We offer talks about the project and also incorporate some of the stories from what families have told us and what we have found in the course of our research. If you would like us to give a talk to your community group or invite us to stage an exhibition or set up a small display at a local event, community space or shop, then please contact us.

Resources for Schools

We know that many schools teach the history of conflict and will help by providing information about major conflicts and how Chorley and its people were involved. We will provide a database of information gathered from various sources, suggested sites to visit on battlefield tours and resources to enhance learning.

Volunteering Opportunities

We are looking for people to get involved and help us with our new Chorley Remembers Experience exhibition in the Coach House at Astley Hall. We would like to open it 7 days a week if possible from Easter until Christmas each year. If you can spare some time, it opens from noon till 4.30pm. If you would like more information about how you could help, please get in touch via our Contact Us page.

Memories Project

By recording the testimony of people whose lives have been impacted by conflict we can have an alternative way of getting the story of local history and remembrance across.

The video memories will form a lasting personal historical record but can also be incorporated into the exhibits in the new Chorley Remembrance Experience and also the educational resource, giving students an alternative way of researching history to trawling through textbooks and history written by people whom may not have experienced events first-hand.

If you would like to take part in recording a story about your experience of conflict either through military service, experience as a child / family member or part of the wider war effort, or have a particular interest in this type of history and wish to share that information then please get in touch with the project.